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Continental Breakfast With Weetbix, fresh fruit, orange juice and your choice of coffee, tea or milo. Continetal breakfast at Eliza's Manor Christchurch, with fresh fruit, orange juice and your choice of Coffee, Tea or  Hot Milo. Continental Breakfast At Eliza's Manor Christchurch with fresh in season fruit, orange juice and your choice of coffee, tea or hot milo Manor Works Breakfast At Eliza's Manor Christchurch with your choice of coffee, tea or hot miloContinental With Weetbix                  Continental With Cornflakes              Continental With Muesli                   The Manor Works

Eggs Benedict Breakfast At Eliza's Manor with your choice of coffee, tea or hot milo
Eggs Benedict                                 Toasted Sandwiches                          Scrambled Eggs & Bacon                 Creamy mushrooms & Bacon

At Elizas we believe a hearty breakfast is a great way to start the day. 

That is why all our breakfasts including our continental is a full meal that will help power you through the day.  Breakfast is served daily from ( 7.30 am - 9.00 am ). Your continental or cooked breakfast is included in the tariff.


25th & 26th December 2019 & 1st January 2020

Only Continental Breakfast Available



Special arrangements may be made for earlier breakfasts if possible, otherwise a breakfast box containing sandwhiches & fresh fruit can be prepared for you if your departure is in the wee hours of the morning.

Our breakfast menu consists of our ever popular fresh fruit continental breakfast with yogurt and either weetbix, cornflakes or musli, plus our hearty cooked breakfasts.

The Manor works with Bacon, Breakfast Sausage, hash brown, tomato, creamy mushrooms and your choice of either scrambled, poached or fried eggs.

Eggs benedict breakfast features our own home made hollandaise sauce, served on toasted english muffins and served with either bacon, salmon or mushroom and spinach.

Mmmm piping hot toasted sandwiches, your choice of either ham and cheese, cheese and tomato or mushroom and cheese.

Our scrambled eggs comes with your choice of either bacon or salmon and is served with grain toast and last on the menu another favourite being our creamy mushrooms and bacon on grain toast.

Please note we do make periodic changes to the breakfast menu depending on the season, whereas we will always offer our fresh fruit continental breakfast, some of the cooked meals may be subject to change.


Eliza's Manor

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